April 17, 2009

What lies ahead for airport security this year

The TSA's goal is to lift the restrictions on carrying liquids, aerosols, and gels aboard aircraft. Toward that end, the TSA has been rolling out new luggage screening machines that can tell the difference between a harmless drink and a deadly explosive. Already, about 500 of these AT X-ray machines have been installed. That number should be doubled by year-end.

By fall 2009, the TSA hopes to get rid of its rule that you must carry all of your liquids in a single clear bag. For a brief period, you'll probably still have to place all of your liquids in a plastic bin separate from your laptop and carry-on bag when passing through airport screening machines.

By next winter, the TSA hopes to lift its size restrictions on liquids, which now limit the carry-on size to 3.4 liquid ounces. The timetable depends on how quickly software updates can be installed on all of the machines and how quickly TSA agents can be trained to use the machines correctly. Officials with the British counterpart to the TSA, the transport ministry, have made a similar pledge.

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Nurturing communalism

Criminals have public support and community leaders are ready to espouse their cause. That is why many a politician thinks that one Muslim vote is worth double a Hindu vote

Home Minister P Chidambaram was right when he told the Press on April 2 that terrorism cannot be fought until communalism persists. The fact is that no Government in New Delhi since Independence has been able to establish deterrence against violence without which terrorist attacks cannot be prevented. To illustrate, the United States has not experienced any incident since 9/11 whereas we in India have suffered one attack after another.

To create deterrence one needs ruthless enforcement of laws and there are plenty of laws available, starting with the Indian Penal Code. So that a terrorist and more especially his allies, who aid and abet him, know how expensive in blood and life their mischief would be. They have to be treated as enemies of the state and not as ordinary criminals against society.

The first pre-condition of such a policy would be for the Government to practise scrupulous impartiality with regard to all trouble-makers. Unfortunately, no Government has been impartial towards the citizens. Every one of them has been partial to Muslims drawing inspiration from the Constitution, especially Articles 25 to 30. The Sachar Committee Report and its implementation is the latest example of this blatant partiality.

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April 5, 2009

Mumbai terror attacks -End result = Nothing.

India’s political class has failed, they have failed this nation at every step, and they have lied to the nation and to the families of the innocent victims who have died in every terrorist attack on this country. Words fail me to describe the Indian political class

India is a weak country and it has a weak government, this is a known fact in the global corridors of power.

It is the Indians who elected a weak government. Remember 26/11 Mumbai attack? Or is it forgotten? The big question is what happened to the investigation? What happened to the dossier sent by India to Pakistan? (Was there a need to even talk to Pakistan regarding this case?)

What happened to the incessant rhetoric by the knaves and queen of India about punishing perpetrators of the attack? What happened to the rhetoric on 26/11 and Indian strategy of reigning terrorism?

All gone down the drain, those were television bytes for the people of India, just meant to control the rising anger and frustration of the people with this weak government, blast after blasts and nothing happened, a media savvy home minister would come and say" we are sorry for this".

Now that Pakistan has so clearly stated....that India can go and hop about doing any thing to the perpetrators of 26/11 attack,....what is the PM, home minister, foreign minister, NSA and the cabinet doing about it? Nothing...they are resting on there laural's of what they have achieved this far with this investigation.

The Congress party is very well known for appeasing the minority community, just to achieve there political goals, every thing they do or is done just please a certain section of Indian society.

The Indian media is also party to this game it has very conveniently side stepped the issue 26/11 Mumbai attacks and has killed it as they have done in the past with terrorist attacks on India...

Indian media has learned the craft of creating doubts in the minds of the people.... It no more talks about the attack or the victims or the investigation? Victims what victims...the terrorist is the real victim, the actual victim and his family are forgotten…

Where have all the loudspeakers and paper tigers vanished?

Currently they are hiding behind the grab of “pseudo secularism” and doing nothing as they are a worried lot, if they take had taken any action their vote bank would have been affected and they may not have fared well in the forthcoming general elections...

Do lives of Indians have no value?... Will our weak and scared government... continue to sacrifice the lives of Indians for its vote bank politics?

Every Indian has a right to ask these questions and DEMAND an answer from the current government which has hoodwinked a nation.

Terrorism can not be dealt with soft words or soft actions, if India has to fight terrorism then it has to return the same back with interest, the unwilling of Congress (UPA) to even follow the Supreme court of India’s ruling of death sentence for “Afzal Guru” the terrorist who was involved in attacking Indian Parliament shows that India is soft on terrorism and shows to what level the current ruling government will go to fight terrorism. The ruling Congress (UPA) is worried about the votes of the minority community and has refused to carry out the sentence.

A weak government which shies away from taking care of issues like terrorism does not deserve to be in power? Indians need to elect a strong government and have to end the dynastic rule of the weak.

India still lacks that critical mass of either middle class or educated people to put fear of god in the minds of Indian politicians, who are mired in corruption, well known for bad governance and have long criminal records yet they manage to win elections and find loopholes in the law and arrogantly sit in the Parliament, to some extend Indians are be blamed for this mess.

A nation, what ever it has achieved in the past....will always remain weak till the time it does not take care of its people.....a nations face is it's government and today the Indian government is weak from inside and in might.....and that reflects on the nation.

A media without ethics and government without spine make perfect soul mates each compliments the other. Today India has become a paradise for terrorist’s they know nothing will happen to them as there saviors rule now.

December 16, 2008

Mumbai Attacks--26/11

India has a partly failed state on its west, a state which has no control over its own arms and intelligence agencies a state which has got nuclear weapons, a situation if not handled correctly and swiftly may see Taliban getting the nuclear weapons, Pakistan has followed the path laid down by the then military dictator Gen Zia and the then ISI head Hamid Gul who is known to have sympathies for the fundamentalists(Taliban ,AQ).

Today what we see is the extension of “Op Topac” and its use in Pakistani Foreign Policy, the use of it can be seen in India from 1980 onwards till date, Afghanistan and shades of it in China. instigating the Chinese muslims…Pakistan has a direct or indirect involvement in many global terrorist attack.

Still we sit and just watch as a robotic prime minister and an incompetent home minister have nothing concrete to say to this nation and are taking the nation to a collective hara-kiri.

This is the limit and the water has crossed the danger mark, the time of being "Politically Correct" is over, time has come to fight this threat with equal ruthlessness. The US fought in its own way and India will do so in its own way...There will be no quarter given or asked for and this time it will be as ruthless as it can get.

Domestic and the so called global, Islamic and Pakistani apologist just talk to people who think like them...but this is a nation of 1 billion and its pulse is speaking a very different language this time......and it is not the language of the apologists or what the biased International Media has to say or comment…..

The Indian government has woken up suddenly because this time as the Indian Elite was hit hard, earlier it was the common man who was blown to bits and was forgotten...

There was a trend emerging in Indian print, television media, NGO and the human rights org. that the terrorist is innocent the victims are to blame for where they were and what they have done....

With this attack the vested interests in both Indian print and television media who try and brain wash the Indian masses should know that this time the Indian people will not forget or forgive....them.

Indian media both print and television has become mouth piece of the politically correct and of a particular community apologists...

I wish this much hue and cry was made when Delhi, Jaipur Ahemdabad, Bangalore were hit by serial blasts.

This time the cream,Page-3 chittarati, the elite was hit the business community was hit and now every one is asking for an answer, people like us are just cannon fodder, we don’t get answers, we get blown to bits ,try and protect others, yet no response from the government but when the Elite gets hit the political class Shi---- in there pants.

Unlimited and Total Democracy in India is a failed political thought; It has taught generations of Indian’s “If some one slaps you show the other cheek this time the people have realized that behind this shield the political class has been making merry and supporting the terrorists and over looking there deeds by saying they are misguided youths as this misguided youth and there community is there main political vote bank.

Time has come to follow the dictum of “An eye for an eye and Blood for blood” you don’t talk to a terrorist you kill him so that you have one less terrorist to deal with.

Mind sets have changed as a Billion strong people’s pulse is not in tune with the political class’s thought process….they better watch it this time….

There is a simple question for the politicians will attack be avenged??

Who is responsible for this attack on Indian soil by the Pakistani based Lashker e Tabia, where does the buck stop?

The politicians can not absolve them self by bullshitting on television and in print media and get escort free.As ever the Indian cabinet lost the window of opportunity for striking terrorist training camps based in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

This is India…and you and I are cannon fodder for the Jihadis and there caretakers saviors….who are the Politicians and the Indian print and television media…..

Indians don’t want hollow words from hollow ,spineless politicians they want revenge and blood in return for blood lost.

October 24, 2007

The New Killing Fields (IGI Airport Delhi)

Woman techie found dead at IGI Airport.
24 Oct 2007, 0329 hrs IST,TNN

NEW DELHI: A 29-year-old senior technician with Air Deccan was found dead, in mysterious circumstances, on a taxiway at the domestic airport here on Monday night. The police and airport authorities appeared foxed as the family members of the victim, Sansruti Sinha, suggested that it could be murder. The theory was ruled out eventually. The post mortem report said it appeared to be a case of "vehicular accident".

Sansruti, who was to get married soon, was spotted lying in a pool of blood at the airport's E taxiway around 10pm by a SpiceJet pilot. The pilot immediately informed the Air Traffic Control. The aiport manager was alerted. He called up the police at 10.10pm. Sansruti's head was badly crushed and there were severe injuries on other parts of her body.

The police say it seems to be a case of hit-and-run. Strange as it may seem, nobody saw Sansruti being hit by any vehicle. She was found lying on the edge of the taxiway. After talking to the Air Deccan staff, the police came to the conclusion that she was walking towards the hangar to examine an Air Deccan aircraft when she was hit by an unidentified vehicle.

Sansruti's wrist-watch had stopped functioning and showed 9.55pm when the cops examined her body. The police said it was due to the ‘impact' and that it proved there was no delay in informing the cops about the incident as had been suggested earlier.

The body was sent to the Safdarjung Hospital for autopsy and Sansruti's maternal uncle, who lives in Faridabad, was informed. The victim's parents live in Patna. The police have registered a case under IPC sections 279 (rash and negligent driving), 304A (causing death by negligence) and 201 (destruction of evidence). "We are not ruling out anything, but going by the nature of injuries and spot examination, it does seem that she was hit by a vehicle," said joint commissioner of police (operations) Aditya Arya.

he autopsy report also stated that it seemed to be a vehicular accident. It mentioned severe injuries on the skull and multiple fractures in the ribs.


The ramp,air side as we call it is the most dangerous place at the airport, it is safer to walk on Delhi roads than on air side at IGI Airport.

The fog season is approaching and it is a daily tryst with death which all airlines employees take when they go to air side to to handle flights, only one of the reputed carrier gives its staff vehicles to move around the rest of us have to walk through "ZERO VISIBILITY" to reach the parking bays.This is not the first death on the air side some time back,a security staff of a airline was killed when he was guarding a aircraft , he was run over by a bus and died on the spot and that brought the AAI to enforce the safety jacket rule.

In another case the vehicle belonging to a LCC at early morning rammed in a jeep and was smashed to smithereens the driver was driving over 90 kmh on the taxi way, the same driver was famous for rash driving at the airport and was involved in many accidents and still he was given an ADP( airport driving permit)

There are fixed speed limits on the air side but most of the drivers don't follow these limits, the reason is that most of the drivers and in some cases all the drivers of the airlines are out sourced, they come from local agencies who make it to airport handling business by greasing palms all the way, in some cases the drivers don't even know how to drive a bus as they have never driven a heavy vehicle and some of them use the air side as a place where they learn how to drive.Accident are a common thing at IGI airport as drivers don't keep in speed limits as they are under pressure to move fast from one aircraft to another, they are untrained and caution is thrown to the wind.

Air Deccan started the out sourcing bug and to cut costs they picked staff of the lowest possible denominator so that costs are kept as low as possible, it is simple you don't pay well you don't get quality staff. It is always the man behind the machine who makes the difference not the machine. I don't think the LCC will agree to that for them.

The vehicle which hit the the Technician can not leave the airport , it would be parked at the airport, it is for the police to find that,if they want to.The DP test conducted by the AAI is a joke and any one can get an ADP, in some cases people have been driving with expired ADP and there is no one to check them.

As it is said airport is a place where many things happen in broad day light and in the silence of the dark night and they get buried deep there and then.

October 13, 2007

Dimonds worth 3.5 kg Dimonds stolen at Mumbai Airport......

I did not post for some time as i have been was busy...and as a matter of fact we are on "fog stations" .. ack...misery and pain and now start the days of rookies getting lost on the ramp when there is dense fog...and crying for help late departure-arrival......well here the bad news.....

13 Oct 2007 Manju V & Nitasha Natu,Times Of India.

##MUMBAI: A consignment containing 3.5 kg of diamonds and gold jewellery was stolen from Mumbai airport on Thursday night. The theft took place after 9.30pm when a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok, TG 317, landed in Mumbai.

As per the norms, such consignments have to be received at the final destination by a team comprising officials involved with airport security (in this case the Central Industrial Security Force), the airlines' ground handling agency (which, for Thai Airways, is Air India) and representatives of the Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation. An airport custodian for precious cargo may also be present.

"But when the aircraft landed and the cargo was offloaded, the receiving team had not yet reached the spot," said an airport source. "One of the consignments contained only gold jewellery and the other had diamonds worth crores. They had both originated at different points, one from Auckland (New Zealand) and the other from Narita airport (Japan). The final leg of their journey was from Bangkok to Mumbai. The cargo was offloaded at Bay 53 at Mumbai along with other boxes," the source added.

The Sahar police have registered an FIR under section 379 of the Indian Penal Code for theft and have rounded up for questioning dozens of workers and officials who had been present in the area on Thursday night. There is some discrepancy over what happened next. The airport source said the two consignments were then "left on the tarmac without any special attention". However, Rakesh Maria, joint commissioner (crime) for Mumbai police, said, "After the stolen container was offloaded at the Mumbai airport, it was to be stored in a secured area. But the handlers put it in an area where empty containers are stored.

Minutes later, the receiving team arrived near the plane only to find that all the cargo had already been offloaded. The team rushed to the cargo complex where all containers are usually taken. The cargo complex maintains a register of every container that enters its gates. "While the gold jewellery consignment had reached the cargo complex, the register had no details of the one carrying the diamonds," the airport source said.##

There is a saying for people who work at the airports," The airport is a place where only aircraft's land and take of ,apart from that there many business which run from the airport apart from legeal business.......

This week has shown that the calm was just a breather, bomb blast in Ajmer and a fidayeen attack in Kashmir shows that how venerable we are and how easy it is for anyone to plan and execute...I hope people with power to change the system listen...as infiltration like this shows that we have a chinks in our armour......

October 5, 2007

Low Cost Airlines- A Risk to the Aviation.....

By Manju.V--TNN
Times of India.

Despite threat, airlines not spending enough on security

Your favourite airline may have gourmet fare on its menu. It may have the best check-in facilities, a well-appointed lounge, efficient cabin crew, good on-time performance and the best airfares the season can bring.

But, what no single airlines in India has is a reliable security network. Despite airlines being top terror targets and despite repeated warnings from Indian security agencies, airlines continue to cut costs on security bills with impunity.

What is amazing is that the amount spent on security comes to only about 0.75% to 1% of the total operating costs or about $70 (around Rs 2,900) a flight. This is the case with all airlines in India," a highly placed airline security official said. "But it does not make any sense to cut corners like this. The expenditure on security will go up to only $100 a flight (a little less than Rs 4100) if the minimum security measures recommended by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) are followed," he added.

Peeved by the airlines' lackadaisical handling of the matter, the BCAS called a meeting of aviation industries' top bosses in May this year and issued a circular stating that the recommendations should be "strictly implemented".

The circular, a copy of which is with TOI, says: "No action has been taken by (the) airlines to implement the committee's recommendations till date. It is, therefore, imperative that the following instructions are strictly implemented by (the) airlines with immediate effect.

That was in May. But nothing has changed despite the UK-terror expose and the numerous security threats to flying. None of the airlines is in a mood to spend that extra $ 25.

And, it's not about X-ray machines or passenger-frisking. The violations cover high-risk areas. Airlines, for instance, do not have even a single security personnel to guard the idle Boeings and Airbuses; they do not have any one posted in the area where check-in baggage is segregated for different destinations; pre-flight, anti-sabotage checks are hardly carried out in accordance with the details in the security manuals.

Time-saving measures adopted by the airlines mean they completely do away with a certificate of security that should be given to a commander when the aircraft is being handed over to him.

This certificate should be signed by the engineering department (it certifies that anti-sabotage measures have been carried out according to the inspection schedule); the catering department (it certifies that catering items have been checked and the crew received them without complaints); the ground support department (it certifies that
equipment attached to aircraft have been checked and only seal-ed/security cleared baggage has been loaded on board); the commercial department (it certifies that all baggage and cargo have been checked); and the security department (it certifies that all the above have been carried out).

"Only commanders of Air India, Indian Airlines get a certificate from the commercial department, accounting only for the security of baggage, passenger and cargo. The rest don't even get that," a BCAS official based in Delhi said.

The security recommendations were made in the R P Singh Committee's report dated June 2001.

The civil aviation ministry had constituted this committee to fix norms for deployment of airlines security staff.

Representatives from airlines like Jet Airways, Indian Airlines and Air India were present on this committee.

The BCAS had called for the implementation of the committee's recommendations by September 2005 but nothing happened.

The recommendations are based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)'s guidelines, which means airlines in other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom follow them religiously.

What ever said but it is difficult to believe that the Low Cost Airlines will follow what is told to them by the regulatory body.The top management for there own financial benefits risk the lives of thousand of passenger's every year.

October 1, 2007

Profiling a Strong Anti-Terror tool...

To Profile or not to Profile is a big question for many airlines around the world, anti-profiling groups or civil liberties have gone one step further and tagged Profiling as Racial Profiling(targeted at particular race or religion).

Many people have said a lot about it, civil liberties groups have criticized it gone to courts and filed cases, as a practising profiler , i find it one of the best tool to stop terror however it has to be used with extreame care.

What exactly is profiling? ....

It can be defined as.....Profiling is a mix of interviewing techniques and close observation of selected targets body language which is used to identify and segregate him from the rest with out his knowing and to make sure if he/she are a threat or not to the aircraft and terminal building,in doing so the profiler has to keep in mind that every reaction of the targets body , facial reaction,verbal clue or any other movement of the body is the logical extension of the persons thought process …which will remain constant and carries hidden clues of his exact intetion......The main aim of profiling is to stop the terrorist's escalation towards its ultimate goal.

If we can stop a terrorist prior to his/her taking there seat in the aircraft, it would be a major step in preventing terror in the skies and would make our skies safe.

There are many different types of profiling techniques (most of these do not use machine to segregate passenger, CAPS) the above mentioned is just one of the many.

Profiling is the best way of stopping a threat right there and then it can be used before a passenger even enters the terminal building, it is a weapon if used properly can have very positive results it has the capacity to stop a threat before it goes out of hand. Proflier's are like code breakers who have to break the toughest code ,The human body.

The human body is a like a cryptogram, it is a walking talking one time code pad and the profiler has to break that code ,the human body is an antenna which is sending non- stop signals and the profiler has to decipher those signals to break in to them and come out with the results.

I had to write this as as i favor profiling and i know of its utilities and what it can do,many learned people have said that it should not be used as it targets people of a particular race and religion.I beg to differ here as i belong to the aviation industry and have seen how it works and how it is used, i can't say about people who are hell bent on misusing it, for them it is a short cut ,it like saying you belong to XYZ race or religion so you are a suspected terrorist, that's the easy way out with of the situation...

Airline security and airport security use profiling, it is an added weapon for them. Aviation Security Regulatory bodies world-wide have made profiling mandatory,it now depends how the airlines use it,some favor it some don't as it takes time and there flights get delayed.

Remember there are no short cuts in Aviation Security.

September 30, 2007

Wordpress: My first brush ....not my last

and Back...

So i decided that i move from here and to go to Wordpress and maintain both blogs ,let me mention this that Wordpress is a highly evolved site and is not meant for mortals like me, it gave me a serious dose of complex.......my blogging life is not even a month old..but i wanted to move away from here....

On saying that, Wordpress a very well laid out site with every thing that a blogger would need..while going through the site i saw things which are not here ..and that impressed me, but the site is too complicated for me, folks at Wordpress may say...don't come here if you don't want to , we are happy as we are and we are the best...well you are in some ways... and in some ways you are not.

It took me four days of contemplation ,thinking should i do it or not.....should i go or not.... and then finally i went and i got my self an account...

I am no guru in software and i don't understand head or tail of codes,html, xhtml or xml ,but i want to write,in saying so i also want all the strappings of Wordpress in here...it was the complication which made me think that Blogger was good for the time being...

Reason for going to Wordpress...

Google is becoming like Microsoft a corporation with hands into every thing it reads you watches you..and that worries me...Wordpress is new and i read a lot about it..so i wanted to start blogging there...i did my research , read tons of comments from blogger's ....however i did not realize that it was going to be a tough nut for a person like me who just knows how to use a computer in the simple sense....

I have to evolve to go there ...i mean i have to grow a vee more big...i wish that all that is there ......was here also...

I am not going to criticize which one is good or bad, what i am looking or every one is looking at ease of use.....

I think Wordpress should have two sections for every one who joins.

  • New joiners to use ready made stuff with easy to addon's and delete what they want..same on the lines of Blogger.

  • For advanced users who know what they are doing and don't get lost in the maze.,should go one step further and use the current version at the worpress.com.

  • both should be kept free

I am using blogger with ease,I had to spend 10 min in understanding whats what and then i started...

In the end Wordpress is where i want to end up ...not now, but later till that time i will work on my evolving........and Blogger is a very good platform for people who want to start writing a Blog...

September 27, 2007

Dummies Guide to IGI Delhi Airport India

Dummies Guide to DELHI Airport

This is a Dummies guide to Airports in India.

Airports are cities in them self and people are can get lost in them, they are like 7 star hotels with every thing thrown in them, I can not say the same about airports in India. I am writing this for people who will come to India so that they have a knowledge of the airports before hand.

Most of the Indian airports are vintage the Delhi airport from where the Private airlines depart is a vintage WW-2 era airport , Delhi is getting a new airport and work is going on at a killing speed the government has asked a private consortium GMR-FRAPO to make this airport and it will be the best in Asia and far east, till then we all have to make do with what we have a patched up airport with basic amenities. The IGI domestic airport is divided in three parts.

Terminal -1-A Departure: All domestic flights of the Indian national carrier now known as INDIAN (earlier known as Indian Airlines) and Kingfisher Airlines fly from here, so remember when you book a flight by Indian or King Fisher then go to Terminal- 1A- IGI Domestic Airport.

This a relatively a well organized and a very small departure terminal , this building was build when the old terminal caught fire, it is small so , has got a small parking, it has a ATM inside (only one) and has coffee shops and a business class lounge inside.

Both Indian and King Fisher have ticket and information window’s before you enter inside the terminal. Immediately after entry you will see the X-RAY machines, show your ticket and get your baggage X-RAYD make sure you get it strapped and they put a security clear sticker on it.Then get your boarding card and head for the security hold area, once inside relax and enjoy (Alcohol is not served on any flight in India however you can have a drink at the (King Fisher lounge J )

Terminal-1 B Departure: This is the vintage WW-2 departure terminal where a lot of patch work has been done and if you are looking for some peace of mind forget it when you come here it is a battle and you have to win it, this terminal has all the private airlines departures like Jet airways, Jet Lite, Deccan airways, Spice jet, MDLR airlines and Go air and Indigo. Apart from Jet airways all are Low Cost Carriers, it is a royal mess on a day when flights are delayed or late or canceled due to fog, which is just at the corner.

This is the most crowded terminal, you will see long lines (during rush hours) to get inside and once inside then another line to get your baggage X-RAYED and then a line at the counter, it can drive you mad, so have an I-POD or a book to maintain your sanity or you will go mad.

The moment you get down from your cab look a little up and you will boards hanging from the top where you will see the names of the airlines and the gate numbers, so head for the gate show your passport and ticket and head for the airline controlled X-RAY , get your baggage strapped and make sure the security check sticker is put on your bag.

REMEMBER DO NOT KEEP ANY KIND OF CASH, JEWELRY, IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS or VALUABLES IN YOUR CHECKED BAGGAGE, in case of loss the airline don’t take any kind of responsibility for it.

Head for the counter and get your boarding card don't forget to get your hand baggage tags, now the problem starts the lines for security check are quite long and when you reach there make sure you take what ever you are carrying in your hand baggage and your cell phone on a tray to be x-rayed, then head for the frisking booth ( ladies are frisked separately) get your boarding card stamped and your hand baggage tag’s stamped by the A.P.S.U. (airport security unit) Remember you don’t have a stamp on your boarding card or hand baggage tag, you will not be allowed to board.

It is a very small security hold area so first grab some thing to eat and then grab a seat and wait for your boarding call.

Departing from Delhi’s terminal 1B can be an experience of a life time. Be at the airport 3 hours before the departure and be prepared to wait for delayed departures as winters are approaching “ fog station” will be declared in some time….

Before I close this beware of touts when you get down at terminal-1B, there is no charge for trolleys don’t let any one hold the trolley for you or take it till the gate... these guys are touts, look out any airline staff to guide you.

When you face the terminal building the Airport Managers office will be on your left just after the Nescafe coffee booth. (there will be a duty airport manager there, if you have a complain or are facing a problem they will help you out)

Any question then leave comments and I will reply back .…. Here's wishing you a happy landing….

Note:Please don't follow the dummies guide word by word, this is as real as it gets, as the airport is under construction,actual places may change and for that please don't hold me responsible.